You will want to spend your weekend at home!

While you live in the center of the city with its unique architecture, magnificent location, you will feel the peace in all your rooms with its unique view. Akrova Apartments, which will be designed and realized only 50 apartments, is the most suitable and safest building class for human nature. Now you can go to Emaar Shopping Mall and Akasya Shopping Centers for a coffee. The primary school next to it is very close to the Cuban mosque and the market area on the opposite side of the street. 1 minute walk to Ünalan Metro and Metrobus stop.

Nights are more beautiful in Akrova Apartments!

Don't get lost in a thousand! Feel privileged. The entrance / reception section will make you feel special every time with its comfortable swings and green spaces designed for adults. After that, entertain your guests in winter garden!

The outside garden was designed for children. With its children's playground, basketball field and miniature football castles, your children can consume their energy safely.

Let your security be under the assurance of 7/24 Cev Grup Construction.

Keep your car in the private parking lot while enjoying the evening view.


In addition, the return of each investment may not be so profitable, don't let go your peace!

Duplex with Private Pool; An unusual design, and an extraordinary decision!

We have a unique plan that will make you forget the city in the center of the city.

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Apartment Plans

Duplex Apartment Plan 3 + 1


Special Design Pool Duplex

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Interior Design


Outside Garden: Designed according to the energy of children.

Akrova Garden

Entrance - Welcome

Your health is important in Akrova Apartments.

Your parking space is ready!